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Rules of direction, review and publication of articles

At the direction of the article to the editor should strictly observe the following rules:

  1. To the Editor preferable to send the article by e-mail at the following addresses: vestnik_aritmologii@mail.ru, mikhmed@mail.ru. To make sure that your article is received in the editorial office, when sending e-mail, use the parameter "notification". We always send an acknowledgment of receipt article, its absence indicates that the article did not reach for one reason or another. Supporting documents in this case can also be sent by e-mail a scanned copy (with seal and signature of the head).
  2. You can send an article (one printed copy of the article, accompanying documents and a copy of the electronic medium) at the following address: 194214, St. Petersburg, Vyborgskoe Shosse 22A, the NAO "Incart" Journal of aritmlology To make sure that your article is edited obtained, when it sent by mail to the editors call by calling + 7-921-9496197.
  3. The paper (after the bibliography) should contain telephone, e-mail address, surname, first name of the contact person, as well as name, surname, patronymic, the main place of employment and positions of all authors and their signatures to stand.
  4. The article should be accompanied by official letter from the institution where the work is done, to have the visa of the supervisor, printing.
  5. At the beginning of this article are written the initials and names of authors, title of the article, the institution (or institutions), from which it came, in Russian and English languages. If you need to make a few institutions in the form of footnotes to the figures for each institution and, accordingly, to the name of the author of this institution.
  6. Articles previously published or sent to another journal, it is impossible to send.
  7. Items not relevant topics of the magazine, as well as the requirements of the posts are not considered or reviewed.
  8. The editorial board reserves the right to edit materials sent.

The procedure for reviewing articles

  1. All articles sent by the log, and the relevant topics of the magazine, as well as the requirements of the posts sent for review to two experts involved in issues close to the subject of the article, is a recognized expert in the field.
  2. Reviewers must have for the past three years, publications on peer-reviewed articles. For a review of the manuscript as reviewers may be engaged as members of the Editorial Board and external reviewers.
  3. Reviews are stored in the magazine for 5 years.
  4. Upon receipt of the article reviews considered at the next meeting of the editorial board. A decision on its publication, revision (including the reviewer) or the rejection.
  5. In case of refusal to publish an article based on the opinion of the reviewer and / or conclusions of the editorial board members of the editorial board to the authors of submissions or copies of reviews of a reasoned refusal, and also undertakes to send copies of reviews in the Ministry of Education and Science for admission to the relevant edition of the publication request.

The order of publication of articles

  1. When a decision on the publication of articles they are located in the immediate release of the formed in the order of their arrival in the magazine.
  2. The priority right to publish the materials used, reflecting the results of the dissertation research.

Storage and provision of materials

Revision confirms the provision of permanent storage of published scientific articles, their availability, presentation in accordance with established procedure of mandatory copies of publications.


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